boo (booniverse) wrote,

Read Some Books Initiative '16: Book 2

Book: The Hangman's Song
Author: James Oswald
Pages: 485/779
Was it interesting? Yes.
Well-written? It was.
Would I read it again? I might. But...books.
Would I read a sequel/further adventures/etc? Read book 4 already and got book 5 in the mail Friday!

Yeah, yeah, I've posted like a millionty book posts and no posts posts but I'm almost caught up! Ish. I'll post a posty post before writing up book 3 of the year (and maybe book 4).

OK! Tony McLean is sent out to investigate a body found strung up in an apartment. To all intents and purposes it looks like a suicide, complete with note and yadda yadda. Except there's something not right about the scene. Tony can't put it into words but he has a hunch. Acting Inspector Chief Duguid is tired of Tony messing things up. He wants a nice pretty wrap up so that the police can get down to the business of clearing the millionty cases which are important. Tony though...something just isn't clicking.

Then there is another suicide by hanging with a similar(ish) note and lo! The autopsy from the first body comes back with "No rope fibers found on hands", which means person 1 never touched the rope which ended their life. Double suicide pact? Hmmmm! Of course Acting Chief in Charge Duguid is FURIOUS! that McLean draws a connection and has the first "suicide" reopened as a murder investigation.

As a side story, McLean's girlfriend who was whacked into a coma in book 2 regains consciousness. There is some brain damage. McLean moves her to his house, hires a full time caregiver and hopes that eventually Emma will be back to her old self.

Meanwhile in the plot, the hangings keep happening. Leads are followed and Tony winds up confronting a supernatural beastie who is behind the killings. It goes...not so well and then better. In epilogue, Emma and Madam Rose figure out what is exactly wrong with her and Emma takes off to set things right.

I liked this story quite a lot, especially the end where MacLean isn't super human and all "WOOO! I DEFEAT YOU BIG BAD!" It actually goes poorly until he has some help, which is kinda nice to see. I wonder if McLean has some supernatural abilities of his own that he is slowly coming into through the series (it would be nice if he acknowledged that there are things that go bump in the night. He's close in this book but if he's still waffly in book 4 than we're going to go down the season 6 of X-Files where Scully is all "Nope! Can't have happened" despite running into weird again and again). I have book 5 in my hot little hands and book 6 comes out in...April? Something like that. But in hard cover. ARRRG!H
Tags: read some damned books
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