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Read Some Books Initiative '16: Books 3 and 4

Book: Dead Men's Bones
Author: James Oswald
Pages: 459/1238
Was it interesting? Yes.
Well-written? It was.
Would I read it again? I might. But...books.
Would I read a sequel/further adventures/etc? Book 5 is on my shelf.

This story started with a body which was found in a river all tattooed up and dead (hence-body). Post mortum reveals that the victim was full body tattooed within a really short time a couple of weeks. Which I understand is HIDEOUS because ouch. They also discover that there were former tattoos that were inked over and those tattoos were special forces. The new ink has a bunch of occult origins and so of course Tony MacLean gets involved.

Another case pops up and it's the body of a prominent MP who has apparently brutally murdered his family and then taken his own life. In a weird turn of events, Tony's boss actually wants Tony to do his Tony magic (or annoyance) on this case because Brass wants it tidied up. Boss is super cranky about this and needs Tony to poke and prod until the truth comes splitting out.

The two bodies are, of course, linked and Tony finds out that there might be some sort of big bad supernatural force out there.

Book: Angles of Attack
Author: Marko Kloos
Pages: 338/1576
Was it interesting? Yes.
Well-written? It was.
Would I read it again? Maybe Not, unless I live to infinity and have already read all the books.
Would I read a sequel/further adventures/etc? Book 4 is in my hands AND IT'S NOT OUT UNTIL APRIL!!!

So. Lankies. A rag-tag armada pops in with news that the Lankies got Mars. And pretty much the bulk of both fleets without so much as a scratch, which isn't great news on a lot of levels. turns out the Lankies also know where the NAC space node is and are happy to vaporize any ship going to or fro. Which they do. They may not know where the SRC space node is so before New Svartbald starves to death (because there are more people attached to it at the moment than it can sustain and now no reinforcements from Earth) the Russians agree to let their combat controller go open the node for the NAC's super secret stealth ship. Our hero Andrew goes along to chaperon the Russian and make sure he doesn't sniffer out top secrets with his controller deck.

The Indianapolis, the stealth ship, gets to the node and WOAH! Lankies! They sneak through with a bit of damage and quick stealth their way to Mars. Mars is hosed. Totally hosed. They do get a distress signal from a bunch of people holed up and running out of air but there is nothing they can do save make it to Earth and alert everyone.

Back at Earth, things get really weird. The Indy gets a very cool reception and they wont let anyone contact anybody anywhere. The military is also very conspicuously absent and when they commandeer the Indy and yoink all her top level staff, the crew of the Indy decide they have had enough. They bust out of detention (both on the human scale and the ship scale) and disappear like a fart on the moon. Since that's what the Indy was designed to do.

Full up on fuel, the Captain debates going back past Mars or the long way around when the Russian lets them knwo there is a secret supply depot somewhere in the middle. Also, one of the ships which the Indy put some holes into escaping bungles into deep space going pretty much nowhere. So the Indy follows, seeings as it's somewhat on the same course. The ship meets up with other ships and they all go merrily yet clandestinely off into the wild black yonder, leaving the rest of humanity to their lanky fate.

Indianapolis pops back to New Svartbald, grabs the fleet, everyone makes battle plans and the fleet pops back into our solar system and hauls ass to Earth. Unfortunately, they are trailing Lankies...
Man, this book went back and forth and back again with a lot of non-stop action. I liked that quite a lot. Also YIKES! Lankies! We don't learn much more about them this book although somethings are reiterated. I am looking forward to book 4, which I started reading last night. What are these Lankies things? And what about the fleet which went off into the unknown? Hopefully those answers will be in this new book.
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