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Read Some Books Initiative '16: Book 5

Book: Chains of Command
Author: Marko Kloos
Pages: 419/1995
Was it interesting? It was.
Well-written? I had an ARC COPY and I found several mistakes, but overall the story is getting better with each book
Would I read it again? There is always a possibility.
Would I read a sequel/further adventures/etc? Not until next year which makes me SO SAD.

ARC COPY!!! This book doesn't officially come out until April 19th so WOOOOOOOO! I'm reading from the FUTURE!


Andrew and his wife are back on Earth training people (technically Haley is on the moon but whatevs) to fight the Lankies if they should decide to come have a look at Earth. The Lankies send some ships occasionally but the Russians have invented these giant nasty snow and sawdust impact missiles which use physics and a nuclear injection system to break the thick armor of the seed ships. Everything is going well until a distress signal is received by a hold-out group of people trapped on Mars. The new government decides to launch an attack to rescue the trapped Mars people really a damned if you do damned if you don't situation (they don't have the resources to ensure a high level of success but waiting will mean giving the Lankies even more time to settle in and get fortified - perhaps turn their attention to Earth).

There is another plan on the table, a super secret plan, which Andrew is invited to join. It will mean becoming an officer but intelligence has figured out where the deserter government has gotten off to. They figure they can sneak in a small unit and take back the assets the former government stole. They ask Andrew to lead a platoon (one of four) of SI grunts and he decides to wade into battle once more. Much to his surprise, one of the four pilots they bring along to fly the super secret new drop ships that nobody knows about is his wife.

They go to the planet, discover it's been terraformed to be pretty much like Earth. It has even been seeded with trees from the homeworld and is covered in huge tranquil forests. They are also running quiet...the whole planet. Andrew and his team carry out their mission which turns pretty quickly from recon to guerrilla hit and run while the two SEAL teams are off radio somewhere doing SEAL stuff.
I liked this book because the enemy was their own people, rather than the Lankies which was different. It also builds up to the Mars Lankie battle (I'm expecting that to be book 5) and then...Lanky Homeworld? Book 4 was definitely a middle child book but it was a good bridge between the first three "We are getting our hinders handed to us" to trying to turn the tide to the offensive. I did find about 5 mistakes while reading but the author already has his author copies so hopefully someone else noticed them and they got fixed. I'm going to check though because I'm curious.

I'm also kinda excited to see where Kloos takes the series. The government in hiding has had plans to lite out for over a generation yet the Lankies have only been around (as far as OUR HEROES know) for 5-7 years or so. The former government also knows a lot more about Lankies than the current people fighting them...maybe the Lankies aren't just rolling over the planets and taking them indifferently. Could the former government tangled poorly with the Lankies before? This is the worst thing about getting an advance copy...I have to wait until next year or longer to find out. ARRRGH!
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