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Read Some Books Initiative '16: Book 6

Book: Gemini cell
Author: Myke Cole
Pages: 366/2361
Was it interesting? had some interesting things in it.
Well-written? It was OK but not his best work
Would I read it again? Probably not.
Would I read a sequel/further adventures/etc? Javelin Rain comes out Tuesday.

Jim Schweitzer is a least for the first chapter of the book. Then he's killed because the SEAL team took out the wrong people. Then he is resurrected with a Djinn spirit pulled from the source of magic. Together in his dead body they become an unstoppable killing force. Oh, and Schweitzer left a family behind. Did I mention that he was a SEAL?
If I were to order Myke Cole's books from best to not best, this would be number 4 of 4 books read. In the scheme of all books, it's got a decent middling spot but I just didn't click with the story or main character like I did with Fortress Frontier (YAY Bookbinder!) or enjoy seeing Harlequin from a perspective where he is not a dick (Breach Zone). Maybe I expected Gemini Cell to be a different book than it was.

Things I did not like: Jim Schweitzer is a SEAL, which isn't a bad thing but dayum SEALs, or the teams, or operatives, and especially operative training gets mentioned quite a bit. It wasn't to the point of how pretty Edward is but I have to say the comparison popped into my mind about the millionth time SEALs were mentioned. Or operatives. Or the teams. Or the training. I get that SEALs are an elite team and they are trained above and beyond but at the same time I do not need to be specifically reminded about SEAL training. Schweizer could have easily just relied on his training, which we know is SEAL training.

Somewhere I read or heard that this book took place at the beginning of the "awakening" so I think I mistakenly got it into my head that there would be more exploring of the magic than there was. That's probably all on me but I was a little disappointed that there wasn't much more added to the lore of Cole's magic stuff.

SEALs. There is a lot of mention about teamwork (because SEALs seriously excel at that sort of stuff) so when Schweitzer is paired with a homicidal Djinn pulled from the source of magic I thought, "Hey cool, eventually they will have to work together because teamwork has been a really strong thread through this entire book." Then [SPOILERS!] at the end, Schweizer realizes that any soul who touches the source of magic (i.e. anyone who has died and then found their body again...which is surprisingly more people than you would think) is a Djinn. So he boots the homicidal Djinn and takes over his dead body. Not so much the teamwork but an interesting turn of events.

I could have also done without the tired trope of 'widowed Navy wife finds solace in the arms of dead husband's best friend (who has incidentally had a crush on widow since before she was a widow) and then widow is upset that she cheated on her dead husband'. There was some eye rolling when that came to fruition.

Lastly, I didn't really get to like Schweitzer as much as the book wanted me to like him. Schweitzer wasn't as Oscar, Bookbinder and Harlequin. I had problems with Oscar but it was more that he was very young and written that way more so that the character didn't gel right.

Javelin Rain comes out in two days so I'll get to see where the series is going. Hopefully there is more world building.
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