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Read Some Books Initiative '16: Book 10 and 11

Book: Prayer for the Dead
Author: James Oswald
Pages: 471/3854
Was it interesting? Yes.
Well-written? It was.
Would I read it again? Maybe, all things considered.
Would I read a sequel/further adventures/etc? Waiting for the next book...

I have not posted anything about this yet! OK! So let's post a thing! This is the next installment of Inspector McLean in which an odd case comes up and McLean gets involved. Because that's how McLean stories go. This time it's a body in a cave. And also, it's a journalist so McLean's journalistic nemesis, Jo Dalgleish, asks him for help in figuring out where her coworker has gotten off to. Of course, there is no forensic evidence really and the whole thing seems...odd. And then there is another one. And then Madam Rose (and all her cats) are driven out of her apartment by "Forces" and takes refuge in McLean's house. In trying to solve the case, McLean realizes that the victims had a propensity towards a kind of fanaticism and someone or thing is pushing their buttons until they are willing to do strange and unusual things, ending in their deaths.

It's been a while since I read this but I remember that I liked it quite a bit. McLean's beginning to accept that things are a little weird and he might be too.

Book: The Cheesmen
Author: Peter May
Pages: 306/4160
Was it interesting? Eh.
Well-written? Words were on the page in a wordy acceptable fashion.
Would I read it again? Nope.
Would I read a sequel/further adventures/etc? I think I'm done reading May altogether, frankly.

Fin gets a job as a game warden at a big game house and has to stop his bestest friend from way back from poaching. In the middle of it all, a loch bursts and the plane of Fin's other buddy from way back when is found resting on the loch bed and lo! He seems to have been murdered. There is also fall out from the last book and the Reverend Donald is up on charges for having murdered the person who was going to kill his daughter and Fin and his old flame are having problems relighting the flame.

Yeah, I'm kinda done with this series. I'd recommend Black House because it was a good story. It got a little cinematic heroic at the end with the boat out to the island and saving Fin's son and whatever but I could live with that. The second book was also interesting trying to figure out the old man's story and how the unearthed body relates but the end of book two was a little much to swallow. Would the mob really hold a grudge and take a 70 year old man with dimensia hostage? And everyone coming in guns ablazing at the last minute...OoooKay. This book, however. First of all, we are introduced to two people who Fin is suuuuper good friends with when he was small that we've never heard of before novel three. Convenient for this story, HEY! Best buds of Fin I haven't told you about before now! And the end is super cinematic eyerolly DONE WITH THIS SERIES lone man hero stuff. I'm going to give it probably a star and a half of 5 stars. Bah!
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