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The Cats of War!

Today is Roz's first she celebrated by pulling a thing off the shelves and batting it all over the bedroom very early this morning. She was also very insistent that it was ROZ O'CLOCK whenever I so much as looked at my phone this AM. Girlfriend loves her some morning scritchies. Tiny celebrated by zooming upstairs and not coming down. Tiny can sense the oncoming storm.

Roz has become more of a cat personality since we got her this past fall. She also has stopped peeing on the couch but I'm still not ready to trust her (we have the couches covered in uncomfortable pleather. Uncomfortable for the Rozzlsauce - she likes a cushy pee place). Might not be ready for a while but so far, so good. I now look forward to my crazy girl kitty when I get home so yay cat bonding. I had been very hohum about her for the longest time but then I decided to institute Roz o'clock wherein I give her one on one attention when I get up in the mornings. She likes it a lot and drools like a mad thing. Yeah...our Roz is a drooler.

We are taking the whole kit and catboodle up north this Memorial weekend (HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROZ! WE'RE GOING ON A TRIP!!!) so that ought to be entertaining. I'm sure I'll have dozens of pictures of Roz getting her tiny cat mind blown by cat TV (MomQ has quite the number of bird feeders) and the light ledge. All the cats like to sleep on the light ledge, this will be Roz's first time experiencing that. I had her rigged up in her new harness (she's pretty much the size she is going to be so we fitted her for a harness. She likes it not) for a couple hours on Sunday. She did not escape but she was displeased. Matt-Matt bought a lime green leash to go with the harness so now everyone has a leash. And a harness. Only Tiny has a sweater.

I am not remotely ready for a trip Oop Nord. I had plans to pack and do dishes yesterday but an early morning bee sting adventure sort of put the damper on preparation plans. I guess getting a good sting in your foot is a little traumatic - took a nap after work and was out like a light. So today I have to pack, do dishes, wash TinyCat (she needs to be pinked something fierce), trim all the cat's nails and do a load of laundry. I am going to be busy as a bee (heh).

Tycho and Tiny continue to be Tychoish and Tinyish.
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