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Read Some Books Initiative '15: Book 18-20

Holy WAH! I thought I was 2 reviews behind. Turns out I'm 3!! So Let's get crackin'!
Book: Lines of Departure
Author: Marko Kloos
Pages: 315/7075
Was it interesting? Yes.
Well-written? Yes.
Would I read it again? Probably not because...books. Seriously, my 'To Read' pile keeps growing and I know of at least 4 more books coming out in the first half of this year which will be added to the pile. Help! (Oh crum. Just looked up Kloos's bibliography. Book 4 comes out this year. 5. 5 more books!)
Would I read a sequel/further adventures/etc? I have Angles of Attack on my shelves.
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Book: Jar Jar Binks Must Die...and Other Observations About Science Fiction Movies
Author: Daniel Kimmel
Pages: 187/7262
Was it interesting? It was entertaining.
Well-written? Yes.
Would I read it again? Probably not.
Would I read a sequel/further adventures/etc? Not unless another book of Kimmels's column collections is nominated for a Hugo. And I read the Related Works nominees.
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Book: The Everything Ghost Hunting Book.
Author: Melissa Martin Ellis
Pages: 262/7524
Was it interesting? ...Probably not for the reasons the authors wanted.
Well-written? No. Hell no. Well there were words and sentences so.
Would I read it again? HELL NO!
Would I read a sequel/further adventures/etc? No. nonononononononono! NO! HELLS! NO!
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I'll post a boring stats thing later because I have read my first book of 2016! And not yet written it up so technically I'm 4 books behind.
Ball of Christmas

A Mishmash of Things

I read an entire book in one sitting. Haven't done that in a bit. It was the second Peter May book-The Lewis Man and it read very similarly to the first save there actually was a crime. It also had stuff in the past which needed to be sorted out but this time the past was an old man with dementia remembering his youth. Neatly done but I'm not sure how the third book will read because how many times can this future/past thing be done and have it still fresh? I will know when I read it.

I started Marko Kloos' Lines of Defense (which was puppy nominated for a Hugo until Kloos backed out). Coming off of both Correy and May, who are all excellent authors, Kloos reads very...I'm going to go with new. He doesn't have the flow or depth of the other two but I am entertained by the writing. I don't think Lines is a Hugo quality book so far but I'm intrigued to see him mellow into a better writer. Hopefully.

Matt-Matt is back in town (yay! Someone to feed me dinner! Seriously, I really can't be arsed to make myself care about dinner every night. I had a lot of nachos because we had chips and cheese and the microwave was handy. To be fair, a lot of the toppings were leftovers in the fridge (ADULT BADGE!) and some of them were actually froot. I had a whole tomato on one! And lots of onions. I do like chips, cheese and onions. It's not that I can't cook, I just don't enjoy *having* to cook.

Matt's uncle, who passed away two weeks-ish ago, left some things undone that Matt and MomQ just got back from doing. They cleaned out his apartment and got what they could in order (they need a death certificate to get a lot of the important paperwork done which starts the important finishing up with the stuff. The death cert will be done in 3-5 business days from when they inquired about it). Unfortunately Uncle Ed's apartment had a bed bug infestation. I've been psychosomatically itching ever since (and they were even back in town). I did a lot of hot water hot dryer laundry yesterday and we sprayed bug killer on everything. Some stuff (books) are in the freezer until Sunday. Some stuff (photographs, negatives, slides) are slated to go in a home made CO2 driven freezer box (Uncle Ed has some really nice photographs he took. He had a good eye and had been hobbying as a photographer since he was a young man). Today I pick up dry ice and bed bug strips to see if we missed anything in the decontamination. I will not visit any of y'all for a week just in case there are resilient bastards. I'm hoping not; one of the sites said it can get hot enough in a car to cook bedbugs and they were down in Texas...where Matt made sure the car was in the sun and buttoned up.

I still itch.

Tycho has a raw spot on his stomach so I took him to the vet. He didn't test positive for Ringworm but they need to culture it to be 100% sure. I have ointment to put on the ow twice a day for 7 days. I need to keep him from licking the spot for 10 minutes each time but Boyfriend has the attention span of a gnat and really wants to lick his bald patch. I am somewhat sure that it's him being nervous (which is harder to treat than Ringworm but less itchy for me since Ringworm is one of those cat diseases that jump species) but Tiny showed up with a rough spot on her neck. I'm hoping THAT is just from them roughhousing, which they were doing quite a lot of the other day.

My difficult coworker is in a defensive mood lately-I'm guessing because the student is gone and we don't have a replacement. Someone needs to do the work and I don't think coworker really knows how. I have decided that this is not my problem; if coworker needs me to do the work she can certainly ask me and I will find time to do it. Otherwise, it's not my job to manage her area so I will not. This may mean that coworker gets more touchy as stuff noticeably doesn't get done or maybe coworker will step in and do the work and get more comfortable with it.

I twisted my ankle yesterday and plopped out into traffic. Fortunately, the car was turning right and had been going slow, unfortunately my ankle and ego are bruised. I have a...ummm...neoprene brace thingie (it fits snug over the ankle but it doesn't have splints or things in it. Is that still a brace?) that I'm wearing today for a little extra support but the edges are rubbing my foot raw. I have band-aids covering those raw spots.

That's about all. It sure is nice to have Matt home.
Ball of Christmas

Bacheloretting it

Matt and MomQ have gone to Dallas to take care of Uncle Ed's estate. He passed away Wednesday the 29th and hadn't updated his legal paperwork (which still had DadQ as his executor). He had meant to change his will to say that Matt was the legal person of stuff, but he had surgery about a month after DadQ died and then got a blood infection and then pneumonia so it never did happen. MomQ thinks that as DadQ's errr...person who inherits the estate she might also inherit the executor powers. That is probably today's fun; finding a lawyer and straightening that mess out. They are also closing down Uncle Ed's apartment and hauling whatever isn't going to his friends and neighbors back up state. I wished I wrote to Uncle Ed or sent more cards-he was one of the few people who habitually sent us Christmas cards and I always looked forward to getting one. I ran across a comment somewhere to the effect of "Regret is the reason there are more flowers in a cemetery than are given to live people." So yeah.

This means I'm on my own for a week. Living the bachelorette lifestyle as it were. Matt-Matt does the majority of cooking so I was a bit at a loss for what to do for dinner last night. I am out of the habit of cooking for myself. I finally decided to have nachos again (had them Wednesday for lunch) and added a veggy patty and onions leftover from the cookout on Saturday. I do not like these veggy patties (Morningstar Farms spicy Indian) but they were better with cheese and onion. There is one more left. Maybe I'll have it as a cheese sammich tonight.

I have washed most of the party dishes (I wash the whole lot-even the ones that aren't used. I figure why not, they will at least get cleaned once a year) and packed them away in the Bru-ha-ha bucket. There are only a couple serving bowls and the platters left, plus serving utensils that I am going to pick up this year before the bucket is dragged into the basement to hibernate until next party. Every year I find something to add to the Bru-ha-ha supplies. I'm also toying with the idea of bleach dying patterns onto one of the tablecloths. Dort made an amazing painted tablecloth but it's peeling a bit and I can't toss it in the dryer because it has paint on it. Bleach dyed stuff I could and the patterns make a nice break in the solid monotony of color.

Tycho has licked himself a bald spot. I will probably have to take him to the vet tomorrow. Meh. I'm also invited to a bad movie watching thing and on Sunday is games up near or in Flint. I am considering making lime cardamom ice cream sammiches for Sunday (Poutine is for Saturday).

My head hurts today because I was up very late reading. I cracked into the next Expanse book and it's really good. They all have been, really, but that much reading makes me cranky the next day. I also played a little of Fallout Shelter but I'm getting really tired of having no weapons and getting attacked by raiders or roaches every time I've almost dug myself out of a hole (from being attacked by raiders or roaches). It is frustrating-and I played it cautiously this time too. sigh.
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My new crank for the time span is people getting all pissed off that other people are in an uproar about Cecil the recently deceased lion and not in an uproar about the continuing disparity of how black (and other minority people I imagine) people are being treated by cops. I think you can be upset equally about several different things at the same time and outrage about X thing does not diminish outrage about Y thing. As someone said (and I'm too lazy to look it up again) "Running a drive to promote awareness about cancer is not saying fuck you to all other diseases." I get that there really needs to be a lot of revamping in the legal system and it's going to be a really hard battle because the people perpetuating the marginalization of Blacks (and minorities) are the people in power and least likely to want to change. However, one can also work to revamp hunting laws to better protect endangered species at the same time. So if those upset people could please stop rolling their eyes because all effort is not all directed at BlackLivesMatter that would be great.

The other thing that has come up is an article here which basically (in better terms than I am going to put it) says that 'women are expected to carry the emotional burden of a lot of encounters and expected to do it well, without complaint, and expected to do the other things that they need to do on top of it'. There is a follow-up (or maybe the comments?) here which is a fascinating read. I have a lot of trouble IDing gender gappage unless it's overtly obviously blatant but I tend to think of myself as "the me who is me" rather than "the girl who is me" or "the me who is a girl". So things which may be gender biased I tend to miss, or just think of them as an aspect of humanity as exhibited by these X people.

But it got me thinking. Of my group of friends (which are a mix of male and female...pretty evenly split actually but historically was predominantly male), I am an organizer. I got cranky about it many several years back all "If people want to go out and see a movie, why don't they goddamned plan an outing to go see a movie? Why do I have to be everyone's social calendar! GARGH!" But then I realized that planning and organizing things is a skill which (at least among my friends) not a lot of people are good at. It might be that extroverts are better at planning and organizing things than introverts - a lot of my friends are introverts. Still, the planning and organizing usually falls on me because I have a knack for it, not because I'm a woman and the men can't be arsed. Or don't want to. Or whatever. Not to say that because I don't have these experiences it doesn't exist, because I think it absolutely does. Maybe I just have an awesome set of friends who share their strengths instead of assigning tasks by gender.
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Nearing the End of July

...and my time for reading the Hugo nominees is running out. So I quick knocked off the short stories and decided my vote.
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1. No Award

Not ranked but in an order if I had to pick one:
2. Totaled
3-4. On a spiritual Plain or A Single Samurai, doesn't matter.
5. The Parliament of Beasts and Birds

Dead last. Forever. Turncoat
Ball of Christmas

Almost Last of June

Friday I was talking about Ingressy things and how I was oh-so-close to the AP of 13 and really close to Translater gold (about 70 points off that morning) and decently close on Spec Ops gold (13 missions out that morning) and how I thought I'd be able to jump from 11 to 13 by next week-ish. By lunch I was at 5999 Translator (6000 being the gold) and I did one mission and got within 40K AP of Level 13. This I mentioned to Badmovie and he said "You know, there are those 12 missions that form a mural. I'm off work early...just sayin'" So we went and did a THING Friday night. Matt-Matt and I went crazy on the diag and I got the AP for 13 then Matt-Matt, Badmovie and I did all 12 missions bing bang boom. On the last portal of the last mission, I glyph hacked it (successfully!) and BWANG! Translater Gold. BWANG! Mission Gold. BWANG! Welcome to 13. I didn't even hit 12!!! It was pretty cool. Now I have soft goals and the slow climb to Black and Plats.

I have done no reading. :(

I have been itching to get back into crocheting, specifically a blanket I'm making for X PERSON. It's a piece together thing and I have 7ish swatches made so I picked it up again yesterday. Then I realized I have completely forgotten how to make the swatches. I had to restart 3 times and I still haven't refigured it out. ARRGH! (It has directions, I'm just really poor at reading them, apparently. Plus I've kinda forgotten how to do the magic circle so I need to sit myself down and get to dinking and relearn it). This week's goal is to crank out a decent number of swatches.

We did both the ARS game and the Pathfinder game this weekend (it was game-o-tastic this week). The ARS game was fun in that something from the very first episode came to play. The Pathfinder game was fun because I got to use all sorts of things I hadn't before. Good times all.

That's about all.